I began my journey as a photographer around the age of 6.

Phil HossackI recall taking my mother’s Brownie Target Six-20 out into the back yard to take a photo of someone, or something. I soon went from the back yard to the lake on vacations photographing new friends and landscapes, my grandmother was a favourite subject. She had the patience with me to sit.

Since graduating from Ryerson, I’ve practiced my art and honed the craft of photojournalism for daily newspapers and as a freelancer for various wire services and magazines around the world.

When asked what my favourite photo was (it happens often) I am evasive. There is no favourite.

I prefer to answer the question “What’s your favourite thing to photograph?”. Even then there’s no one topic, except maybe the people I get to meet and the experience of our paths crossing. Sometimes they’re not even aware I’m photographing them, and when pressed I’ll summon up the answer to my favourite images as ‘portraits’.

I’ve honed my craft and art on the whetstone of photojournalism and sports photography, I seek narrative, no matter whose face, no matter what event.

In my search for narrative I’ve been recognized many times, some of my brightest images led to National Newspaper Award nominations, even recognition from the World Press Organization with an “Award of Excellence”.

The best recognition of all though, by the people who continue to let me into their lives.

I still have that Box Brownie.